From the recording Candor


Look deep inside the culture
Deeper than the vultures
Build you up like a sculpture
Made out of sulphur
The boom baps
This girl raps
She speaks facts
Giving back
More than your income tax

The fruit is greater from the vine
Fortified & natural no disguise
I'm cutting through the forest timber line
And when it's valentines getting to your endorphins
No extortions just the right portions

My Rhyme placement
I'm kicking all the haters to the pavement
The propaganda in the punctuation
Eradication from segregation
This generation is dislocated
I can't escape it
I don't belong here but I gotta face it
Cause Only time will tell
before I make it

Looking at life through a telescope
Just to be cautious cause you never know
Extrovert to introvert I feel cold
Been through so much I passed the threshold
This pretty face can be bold
Just a young face with a old soul
Tryna make it big never I can fold
& that's real